Photobucket Desktop

Photobucket Desktop 1.0

It is an application that helps you to upload images to Photobucket
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Photobucket Desktop is an application that helps you to upload images to Photobucket.

Main Features:

- Manual Upload - To manually upload photos to your Photobucket account, simply drag and drop the images/videos into the desktop uploader, or select the "browse files" option. It will create a new album in your account titled "Photobucket Desktop - "
- Progress - As the images are uploaded, the progress is displayed on the Progress tab for the uploader. A pop-up will display on your screen when an image/images have been uploaded, or if there were errors during the upload process.
- Auto Upload - To auto-upload, add a folder from your computer that you'd like to upload to your Photobucket account. (all albums will default to private). Any time you add an image to that folder on your PC, it will upload those images to your Photobucket account.

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